Basics of Making Money Online – Two Things to Know

Know these two things.

The first thing. Do not get overwhelmed by all the different things you see online. If there is just one thing you take from this small article it is that I hope you will believe me and know that the steps that it takes to make money online can be learned!!!

Trust me I know. Hey, I was an auto mechanic for 30 years. There is a saying in the mechanics field “if you can’t fix it, find a bigger hammer” (Did I really say “fix it”? some Texas slang creeping in I think)

Anyway, mechanics are not known for being the sharpest tool in the shed, you know what I mean? My point is that if I can learn this stuff and make money, you can too!

The second thing, not everything online is a scam.

The online world is not any different than the outer business world, meaning that yes there are people trying to rip you off, but, there are also many great things to find and buy online from honest people just trying to make a living via the Internet.

One of the best things about the Internet is that you can search something you are about to buy and find out if someone else has bought a product or the person selling a said product and see if it is legit or not.

I Google search everything about a product or seller before I decide to hand over my credit card. And you can be sure that it has saved me a lot of money.

I say this because there is going to be so many products out there that promise to teach you how to make money online. Believe me, it can be addicting to where you find yourself buying all the “new ideas” on how to make money fast online. Then before you know it, you have bought so many products that you can’t find time to look at them all.

When you are first starting out I suggest that you research and find one product or one teacher to buy from and stick with it for a while….

Then start using your money for tools that further your online business not a ton of teachings that you never get to.

It is so easy to get lost with all the information you will see from different people on how to make a living online.

The deal is that there are so many ways to make good money. The fact is that there really is no right or wrong way.

You just have to find your way to make money and stick with it for a while.